Medical team

Our medical team consists of BIG-registered nurses, specialists and GPs, who have years of experience in providing digital care. 


Our nurses are the first point of contact for people with a health question. They perform triage according to professional standards and protocols. Thanks to their intensive training in communication and conversation techniques, they help the client in a personal way while encouraging self-direction and self-reliance. By asking the right questions, a solution is offered immediately or a referral is made to an (online) GP or specialist.

Our team consists of A nurses trained at HBO level. They all have a BIG registration.


For some of our services, clients can contact an (online) GP. Medicinfo has a network of experienced and expert GPs who provide care remotely from all over the Netherlands. These GPs are BIG registered and, in addition to their work for Medicinfo, are active as GPs in their own practice or as acting GPs.


For specific questions and reassurance about a diagnosis or treatment, we offer clients the opportunity to discuss it with one of the independent medical specialists within our network. These specialists have extensive knowledge and years of expertise in a wide range of fields. In addition to their work at Medicinfo, they work in the hospital.