Need a doctor?

Use the Medicoo app

Due to the big crowds in the summer season, healthcare in Ouddorp has changed. To avoid the overload, the general practitioner (GP) in Ouddorp extended their service with an app. We ask you to use the app Medicoo to chat with nurses about your healthcare problem. The nurses will tell you what you can do best. When necessary, they can schedule an appointment for you with one of our online and offline GPs. Be aware that the default language in de app is Dutch. Costs for this health service will be charged during the consultation.

We recommend that you consult your own GP first. He knows your health situation and may help you the best.

Thank you for your cooperation. Have a nice holiday!

In life-threatening situations, call 112.

How Medicoo works

Step 1

Download en open the Medicoo app.

Step 2

Allow the app to send notifications ('Sta toe').

Step 3

Choose your password to keep your conversation private. Repeat the password. Press the green button ('Opslaan') to save.

Step 4

Do you have a question about your health? Our medical team is happy to help you. Press the green button ('Vul je gegevens in') to enter your name and gender.

Step 5

Enter your first name. Choose your gender (Male / Female). Enter the green button (‘Stel je vraag’).

Step 6

"Welcome, we try to help you as soon as possible. Need urgent care? Call 112. How can we help you?" Ask your question.

Step 7

“Thanks for your message. We need some more information to help you.” Press the green button (‘Volgende’).

Step 8

In order to help you, we are required by law to ask you to identify yourself. Press the green button (‘Volgende’).

Step 9

Enter your information:
(1) First name (2) Last name (3) Choose ‘Nederlandse identiteitskaart’ (4) Enter ‘123456789’ (5) Repeat ‘123456789’ (6) Date of birth
Press the green button (‘Bevestig je gegevens’) to confirm.

Step 10

You will return to the chat. Your information has been received. A nurse will react on your question soon.

Video consultation

Depending on your situation, the medical team may decide that an additional video consultation with a GP is necessary. If that is the case, we will let you know as soon as possible.

How Medicoo works

  • 1. Download the Medicoo app
  • 2. Sign up in the app
  • 3. Ask your health question
  • 4. Start video consultation with a GP

Medicoo benefits

  • Snel antwoord via onze chat van ervaren BIG geregistreerde verpleegkundigen
  • Alles wat je bespreekt blijft uiteraard privé
  • Een persoonlijk videoconsult met een ervaren BIG geregistreerde huisarts
  • Je zorgverzekeraar betaalt jouw consult, net als bij een reguliere huisarts

Download the Medicoo app on your phone or tablet. The app is available in the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android).