Online GP care for Ukrainian refugees extended to Oisterwijk and Moergestel

Following in the footsteps of the Tilburg and Hoeksche Waard municipalities, Medicoo is now also being offered to Ukrainian refugees in Oisterwijk and Moergestel.

Refugees at the reception locations in Oisterwijk and Moergestel can use the Medicoo app for their healthcare questions. Through this app from Medicinfo, refugees receive health advice in their own language.

The automatic translation function within the app allows both patient and healthcare provider to communicate in their own language. Medicinfo's medical team, consisting of nurses and GPs, provides medical advice via chat. For situations where the patient needs to be physically assessed and when medication is needed, mutual agreements have been made with various GP practices in the region. In this way, we hope to provide refugees with the care they need and reduce the burden on local GPs.

Like many other municipalities, the municipality of Oisterwijk offers shelter to people who fled the war in Ukraine. At the reception site in Oisterwijk, around 250 - 300 people are temporarily staying there. And in Moergestel about 50 to 100 refugees. Because they too need GP care, the municipality, together with the GHOR (part of the Midden- en West-Brabant Safety Region) and the health care group, has decided to offer Medicoo from Medicinfo. In this way, care can be provided quickly and in their own language.